It is very relieving. After two day direct examinations, I finally have quite a rest. The preparation for both exam really tense me up. Luckily I noticed 3 big pimples that want to rise on my face in one time and remember how stressed I am. My face really hard to have big pimples. Only small ones will appear. So having three is a very serious situation.

Therefore, I take 3 days of my 10 day gap to forget studying totally. I spent that time by sleeping, movie marathon and riding on my scooter aroung campus. For your information, my campus UiTM Khazanah Alam is full of trees and grass fields. Their unused land still remains a forest and hosts their own campsite. No wonder its named Khazanah Alam or Nature's Treasure. I never hesitate to admit that being in here is very calming, soothing and peaceful. The air here is also very clean. I feels healthier compared to at home.

As I wander around campus on my scooter, I wonder to myself. That I am so lucky that I am picked to study here. For all Diplome In Science course host, I believe here is the best. Having mosque 1 meter from college, class 50 meter from college, dining hall 1 meter from college is all the indirect benefits that students will not see, but they have to feel. 1st year student like me before feels this place is the worst. As time passes only then we will have it appreciated. Now in my last year. I wonder wether I would have this feeling when continuing degree.

This is the place where occurs 1000 memories and experience, happy, sad, fun, scared and many more. I believe I will miss this place so much just after I leave it.

Dedicated to u. UiTM Khazanah Alam.


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