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One of the most versatile multifunction technology is computer. We uses computer in majority of our daily chores. So, we can see that every personal computer or laptop will reflect the characteristic of the user. Abstract user will usually 'decorates' their computer while the simple minded prefer to avoid that. Most girls tend towards abstract more, while the guys tend to the other side.

As to me, I prefer to maximize my computer's performance instead of it looks. Besides, simple looks it what I call pretty. Towards improving the performance, we need to get focused on important thing only, which is what we uses most. I spend my day mostly on internet and playing games. Therefore to whom which has the same interest, may share with me what you have done :D

The most important thing for a computer is surely an antivirus, which guarded us from unnecessary security risk. Paying for an antivirus for me is quite a 'waste' as I'm not exposed to a very high risk. Therefore I look for a free antivirus available. For 2 years now, I stick to Avira antivirus free. It has done a good job till now.

Other than antivirus, the next best thing is of course an internet browser for facebookers like me. Among the browsers, google chrome is like a haven for internet surfers. It is simple, yet very fast for simple task like loading a normal weighted page. Searching on google also easy, as you only have to type in the address bar what you want to search on google. No need to find first like before. It is also fitted with many hotkeys like f5 for refreshing, and is very easy to get used to, from adding tabs, bookmarking and setting the option. You can set your chrome to open homepage, your own desired websites, or even the last page you visited as chrome is started. If you just closed your chrome with many tab on, you just have to open chrome back an all the tab will be open as before. Very easy. You can also change its look to different them if their
looks bored you.

After an internet browser, I will need a download manager to help me download large files easily. DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus is what I have chosen from the day I got my laptop. It is easy to learn, an act automatically. For normal speed connection, it acts like 5 computers downloading different fragments, therefore resulting in faster download. The downloads will be stored on a specific file. This helps me a lot in downloading anything from the web.

For a different kind of downloading, which people call it torrent, I have my own torrent client. Torrent is a shared file of anything from everyone from the world. In example, if you are looking for a movie, search for the movie on the torrent portal and if it exist, you will download a small file called torrent. Starting the torrent using your torrent client will start pc to pc sharing across the world. You will download the torrent bit by bit from seeders(who have 100% of the file) and peers(who have <100% of the file) until it completes. I uses u torrent.

For last tweak for performance, defragmenting is important to make sure your files is organized according the importance of it ( how many times do you uses it). Defragmenting will greatly improves the performance of computers if you haven't done so. However, defragmenting with latest windows is sometimes difficult to see the results. Having a specific software to defragment like smart defrag will helps, as you can see visually how the documents is defragmented. It will also tells you in the end the percent of fragments you have. Having this software will helpt you defragment occasionally to ensure your computer is in top performance.

Besides software, you can do more by helping to ease up your computer's work. Partition of computers ( drive c d etc) must be well organized. Recommended options is to install any software you have into the system drive, usually c, while your files, pictures, videos, music and etc will be stored into another. Therefore the weight on computer is reduced.

This is my tips for you all, more tips and tricks can be found at All the software you need is also available there.

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No posts for today, I just got home from a state travel. Going to Malacca and back in one day for an 'Important' job. Will keep you touched later~

Against Rape


In this era of modernization of world, many moral issues has befallen us. For example, rape cases recorded increases every year, without mentioning unrecorded cases. Recently, I received an information about an incest (haruan-fish ate daughter-fish). Therefore, we can say that rape case can involve anytime, anywhere, and anyone, and it is a priority to be prepared for the worst.

To help, I will provide you with my own tips on what to be done, before, during and after rape is happening. This tips may not be enough, or it may not work. However what we do is merely an effort. At least this is what my step will be if it happens to me. Improvising is good and encouraged.

  • Choose any weapon you comfortable at.
  • Dull or sharp weapon. Can take any form, like hairpin.
  • Easy to reach, store, quick to draw, easy to hold firmly
  • Concealable, applicable (you can REALLY take the weapon to hurt them with ease)
  • If can't think of one, pick pepper spray.
  • Store weapon nearby when going anywhere.
  • Hide in easy reachable area during sleeping.
  • Plan your room layout for an escape plan if you have hurt them (doors and windows)

  • Reach your weapon and hurt them. Killing is encouraged. Seriously, self defense. If doesn't work,
  • Screaming maybe applicable, but can make them knock you unconscious, 
  • For Muslims, reciting Koran may knock them conscious :D
  • Spit, PEE and do worse. May loosen their interest. (Kamal Affendi, 2004)
  • Try to maneuver avoiding them to apply your escape plan earlier.
  • Don't stop to think whether you are naked. Just run without looking back
  • CRYING is USELESS, affecting your judgement, concentrate your mind on this important issue and don't waste time

  • Analyse situation, make sure you're really safe
  • Make sure you remember the rapist characteristic, face sound smell etc.
  • Don't waste time, don't clean yourself. Evidence is there
  • Find your trusted nearby contact. If you're badly dressed, enclosed yourself with towels.Go to nearby police station for a report and evidence taking. (If in late night don't ever came alone)
In a case like this, time is important. Every second counts on whether the rapist is caught or escaped. As what they have did to you, having them caught is the best revenge. If you want to hurt them, do it before they have been caught. Don't be scared. As your body can be taken advantage by them, make sure your mind wasn't. Keep it focused. 

Hope this can trigger more ideas, steps and determination. Have fun applying it. Good luck and I pray for your safety. Take care always.

One, two, som!

Everybody should be familiar with this game, also known as rock paper scissors. The players varies from any age, and any number of players can be involved. It is one of the most basic game ever, without expensive boards or dices. However, with only our hands, the excitement and joy is on a league on its own.

For who still didn't know about this game, the tools is merely our hand. It doesn't matter right or left, but the thing that matters is the role it will take, the hand may take a role of a rock, scissors or a paper. The hand is hidden on the player's back and the round started with every player shows their hand to others, in the three form mentioned before.Winner is determined by:

Rock will breaks Scissor
Paper will covers Rock
Scissors will cut Paper

Therefore the winner is the ones who beat the opponents.

Esthetically, looking through the game teaches us the values of life. No matter who we are, where we were is not making any difference, as each of us have our own strengths or weaknesses. Some people get jealous at others triumph and they only thinks of being the same. However, if any of us thinks deeply and creative enough, there is what you have that others do not posses. This quality is what made mankind is superior than any creature, and chosen to be the caliph on the planet. 

There will always be a person who excels on something, and we just have to look, while people who needs us will look for us to achieve in something. Doctors, lawyers, musician and teachers have their own skills that others don't. Having each of them will have a team that can overcome almost anything. This is the importance of not being selfish and work together. Garbage truck driver also have their expertise. As you can see, being a  selfish person is not essential. We need to see everything in every way. Everyone has their own qualities, including you. With your weakness, find someone who is superior. Never think its the end of the world yet.

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Physics Trip

1st Day:
I learned how its nice to have friends
      to gather, together.
I learned to appreciate my country
     like a peace full, paddy field.
I learned that times never wasted with
      friendly friends
I learned to forget my problems and look
      towards forward

2nd Day
I understand what love is when you can't
      stop look to who you doesn't hook
I understand that memories
     drafted more than photographed
I understand friendship is priceless.
     as problems bearable , problems shareable
I understand how slippery tongue is but so sharp
     when it stabbed the heart, it sticks in the heart
I understand how weak womans is
     as I easily hear, silent tears
I understand that it is my duty as to be
    here, for her

3rd Day
I felt the difference in breakfast today
     as we ate two gathers, together.
I felt very proud of myself
     to have a quality on locality
I felt the loyalty of a woman
     never faded, never moved
    by countless hints, tries and proposals

And I never feel more lonely...
           but I still have them, including u :)

Diploma In Science (Physics) Semester 6 Jan 2010

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