Physics Trip

1st Day:
I learned how its nice to have friends
      to gather, together.
I learned to appreciate my country
     like a peace full, paddy field.
I learned that times never wasted with
      friendly friends
I learned to forget my problems and look
      towards forward

2nd Day
I understand what love is when you can't
      stop look to who you doesn't hook
I understand that memories
     drafted more than photographed
I understand friendship is priceless.
     as problems bearable , problems shareable
I understand how slippery tongue is but so sharp
     when it stabbed the heart, it sticks in the heart
I understand how weak womans is
     as I easily hear, silent tears
I understand that it is my duty as to be
    here, for her

3rd Day
I felt the difference in breakfast today
     as we ate two gathers, together.
I felt very proud of myself
     to have a quality on locality
I felt the loyalty of a woman
     never faded, never moved
    by countless hints, tries and proposals

And I never feel more lonely...
           but I still have them, including u :)

Diploma In Science (Physics) Semester 6 Jan 2010


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