Against Rape

In this era of modernization of world, many moral issues has befallen us. For example, rape cases recorded increases every year, without mentioning unrecorded cases. Recently, I received an information about an incest (haruan-fish ate daughter-fish). Therefore, we can say that rape case can involve anytime, anywhere, and anyone, and it is a priority to be prepared for the worst.

To help, I will provide you with my own tips on what to be done, before, during and after rape is happening. This tips may not be enough, or it may not work. However what we do is merely an effort. At least this is what my step will be if it happens to me. Improvising is good and encouraged.

  • Choose any weapon you comfortable at.
  • Dull or sharp weapon. Can take any form, like hairpin.
  • Easy to reach, store, quick to draw, easy to hold firmly
  • Concealable, applicable (you can REALLY take the weapon to hurt them with ease)
  • If can't think of one, pick pepper spray.
  • Store weapon nearby when going anywhere.
  • Hide in easy reachable area during sleeping.
  • Plan your room layout for an escape plan if you have hurt them (doors and windows)

  • Reach your weapon and hurt them. Killing is encouraged. Seriously, self defense. If doesn't work,
  • Screaming maybe applicable, but can make them knock you unconscious, 
  • For Muslims, reciting Koran may knock them conscious :D
  • Spit, PEE and do worse. May loosen their interest. (Kamal Affendi, 2004)
  • Try to maneuver avoiding them to apply your escape plan earlier.
  • Don't stop to think whether you are naked. Just run without looking back
  • CRYING is USELESS, affecting your judgement, concentrate your mind on this important issue and don't waste time

  • Analyse situation, make sure you're really safe
  • Make sure you remember the rapist characteristic, face sound smell etc.
  • Don't waste time, don't clean yourself. Evidence is there
  • Find your trusted nearby contact. If you're badly dressed, enclosed yourself with towels.Go to nearby police station for a report and evidence taking. (If in late night don't ever came alone)
In a case like this, time is important. Every second counts on whether the rapist is caught or escaped. As what they have did to you, having them caught is the best revenge. If you want to hurt them, do it before they have been caught. Don't be scared. As your body can be taken advantage by them, make sure your mind wasn't. Keep it focused. 

Hope this can trigger more ideas, steps and determination. Have fun applying it. Good luck and I pray for your safety. Take care always.


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