One, two, som!

Everybody should be familiar with this game, also known as rock paper scissors. The players varies from any age, and any number of players can be involved. It is one of the most basic game ever, without expensive boards or dices. However, with only our hands, the excitement and joy is on a league on its own.

For who still didn't know about this game, the tools is merely our hand. It doesn't matter right or left, but the thing that matters is the role it will take, the hand may take a role of a rock, scissors or a paper. The hand is hidden on the player's back and the round started with every player shows their hand to others, in the three form mentioned before.Winner is determined by:

Rock will breaks Scissor
Paper will covers Rock
Scissors will cut Paper

Therefore the winner is the ones who beat the opponents.

Esthetically, looking through the game teaches us the values of life. No matter who we are, where we were is not making any difference, as each of us have our own strengths or weaknesses. Some people get jealous at others triumph and they only thinks of being the same. However, if any of us thinks deeply and creative enough, there is what you have that others do not posses. This quality is what made mankind is superior than any creature, and chosen to be the caliph on the planet. 

There will always be a person who excels on something, and we just have to look, while people who needs us will look for us to achieve in something. Doctors, lawyers, musician and teachers have their own skills that others don't. Having each of them will have a team that can overcome almost anything. This is the importance of not being selfish and work together. Garbage truck driver also have their expertise. As you can see, being a  selfish person is not essential. We need to see everything in every way. Everyone has their own qualities, including you. With your weakness, find someone who is superior. Never think its the end of the world yet.

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